Top 3 Questions Following the NEW Veterinary Feed Directive

Dairy feed Veterinary Feed Directive

To help address some of the issues with the new Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD), we have gathered the three most frequently asked questions.

  1. How does my VFD look? - It is important that all the information and figures on the VFD order are accurate. 
  2. Can we store VFD's electronically? - Dealers and farmers can store their VFDs in any format, including digital or paper.
  3. Can I use a VFD for multiple groups? - You can use a VFD for multiple groups, provided the veterinarian has a VCPR and is comfortable with the health and management of each of the sites covered by the VFD.

For more information on or questions about the VFD, feel free to reach out to Nobis Agri Science representative for assistance with your nutrition.

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