Calf Health

The future of your herd will be determined before the calf is born


As a dairy producer, ensuring your calves have the best start to life begins before the calf is born. The care and nutrition you provide the cow while its calf is in utero can set that calf up for life.

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Beware of Salt Poisoning in Dairy Calves


The health and productivity of young calves can be affected by a wide range of metabolic and pathogenic conditions. Among the maladies that can profoundly affect calves’ health is their intake and balance of sodium. ( Maureen Hanson )

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Milk enhancment tools to drive precise calf feeding


“We need to make things as simple as possible, but no simpler.” This quote, which is often attributed to Albert Einstein, accurately sums up our quest to deliver optimal nutrition to pre-weaned calves.

Because we replace their mothers, we owe it to young calves to take the best possible care of them. In this “foster parent” role, we are charged with providing precise and ample nutrients just as Mother Nature would.

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Winter Calf Health

Winter Calf Health: New Research


Research funded by the farmer-driven Northern New York Agricultural Development Program (NNYADP) has identified cold-weather strategies for attention by dairy calf managers.

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Winter Calf Housing: 6 Ways to Prepare Now

Winter Calf Housing: 6 Ways to Prepare Now


It’s official – fall is heading out, and winter is around the corner. With a million other things going on, planning for winter calf housing might not be top of mind. However, making winter prep a priority will ensure you and your calves are ready to handle cold weather challenges.

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Improving your calf health

Improve Calf Health: Focus on Four Key Areas


We see scours and respiratory challenges in dairy herds raising calves in group settings, particularly if it takes a while to stock a pen. When newborns are exposed to older calves and the organisms they shed, the younger calves are highly vulnerable to disease. The same thing can happen in under-maintained maternity pens and individual calf pens.

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