Do Your Calves Reach Their Full Potential?

Do Your Calves Reach Their Full Potential?

The latest USDA’s National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) Dairy 2014 study found the majority of calf-raisers are missing out on the opportunity and research-proven benefits of feeding full-potential diets. Do you know how your calf nutrition program compares?

Research and study data supports feeding a higher plane of nutrition to have a positive impact on milk production. A five-year study found feeding a calf to its full genetic potential from birth to breeding can result in 2,740 pounds of additional milk in its first lactation. Elevating a calf nutrition program to a full-potential diet is simple. It includes three easy steps anyone can take to invest in the future of a herd.

  1. Feed a full-potential milk diet.
  2. Feed starter and wean based on starter intake.
  3. Transition to a grower.

Feed a calf to its full potential starting on day one. By feeding a higher plane of nutrition instead of maintenance levels, it has the opportunity to thrive. Delivering anything less leaves calves vulnerable to challenges that can have a negative impact on lifetime productivity. To read the full articl on feeding calves to the full potential, click here.

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