Give Calf Starter Routines a Spring Tune-Up

Give Calf Starter Routines a Spring Tune-Up

When fed correctly, the right calf starter can have a tremendous impact on height, weight, proper rumen development and future milk production.

Set your calves up to reach growth and development goals with the following calf starter tips:

  • Offer starter soon after birth - Begin offering a handful of starter when calves are between one and three days of age.
  • Keep feed clean and fresh - Provide fresh starter daily. Just topping off buckets can lead to moldy feed and reduce consumption.
  • Always provide water - Keeping clean water in front of calves at all times is vital for maximizing starter intake.
  • Use consumption to inform weaning time - Age shouldn’t be the only factor. Consider the amount of starter a calf is eating, too.
  • Select the right calf starter - Look beyond the nutrition label.
  • Consider seasonal needs - Adjust your management practices to maintain growth during harsh climate changes and weather extremes.

High-producing cows start with a sound and well-managed calf feeding program. Take your calf program to the next level by fine-tuning your starter routine to help develop healthier calves that grow up to become productive, profitable cows. To read the full article, click here.

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