Optimize Starter Ration Management for a More Successful Calf Program

Optimize Starter Ration Management for a More Successful Calf Program

Meeting that goal depends on providing each heifer with the best nutrition available from day one – including excellent colostrum management and feeding. Optimized nutrition and management programs can achieve average daily gains greater than 2 pounds over the first 70 days old. That means you must not only provide adequate volumes of high-quality milk or milk replacer, but must also provide adequate levels of fat and protein. You need to introduce – and increase – intake of a high-quality starter grain mix to support calf growth and productivity.

So what is the best method to accomplish this goal?

A great deal depends on elevating nutrition programs to boost rumen development. In turn, this positively influences animal growth. Optimal starter grain mixes that increase digestibility and dry matter intake, and provide health insurance against various pathogens. And optimizing starter intake as you taper off milk volumes and milk solid levels.

Successfully navigating this growth phase has long-lasting implications – for the individual calf and your dairy. Not every heifer is entitled to a lactation career, but you can boost their odds of success when you provide a solid nutrition plan to help them get off to a good start. To read the full article, click here.

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