Nobis Agri Marketplace: First Time Download & Login

Order your feed smarter with the new app created by Nobis Agri Science.

How to Download Nobis Agri Marketplace

How to Download
1) Connect your device(s) to WIFI or if WIFI is unavailable turn on data.
2) Open up Google Play Console (Android Users) or Apple App Store (Apple Users).
4) Click on Nobis Agri Marketplace in search results.
5) Click Install button on screen.
6) Once installed is complete, Click open and then Nobis Agri Marketplace will open and you can enter Login credentials.

How to Login to Nobis Agri Marketplace

First Time Login
1) Users will receive a Welcome Email from the Nobis Agri Science Team when activated as an active user. Users must have an active email address and phone number provided to the Nobis Agri Science in order to access the app. If you are unsure if the team has your email, simply send it to 
2) The Welcome Email will contain your username and password that you will need to login to Nobis Agri Marketplace.
3) Nobis Agri Marketplace only requires a one-time login unless you log yourself out. Make sure to click remember me and place Nobis Agri Marketplace on your homescreen for easy access. 

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