Examine Cow Performance with Data Monitoring


Data is used to answer a specific question. By “seeking the right questions” and finding the correct datasets to provide answers, dairy farmers can take advantage of the numbers and learn to examine them to fulfill a given need.

Knowing what data is needed to help answer your questions – and where to find that data – is the first step. Knowing the limits of each dataset and the information each offers is key to monitoring performance. Dairy producers can collect data from DHI records, bulk tanks and milking parlors.

Making data-based changes can positively impact a farm’s breakeven point. Data can be used to examine where management changes can improve performance, but the correct and most complete data must be utilized.Knowing when data was collected and how long any changes that occurred will take to impact results are both needed to utilize data correctly.

Learning to utilize relevant data from the various available sources can provide an integrated, informed look at cow performance, improve management and enhance the bottom line. To read the full article on how to better use data to monitor cow performance, click here.

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