This Trifecta Led To Better Milkout

This Trifecta Led To Better Milkout

Technology has become an intregal part to dairy operations throughout the United States. With this amount of information available it can be difficult to decide what to focus on. Unfortunately, this amount of data is all to common with the milking center of dairy operations. It can be quite difficult to figure out which milk flow parameters are the most useful.

So what are the best parameters ?

  • Two minute milk flow
  • Time in low flow
  • Unit on time

It is critial to monitor and evaluate these parameters on your dairy operation to make your parlor more efficient. Remember that benchmarking against other herds should be done with caution and you should look at these parameters specific to your herd and set your own goals. To read the full article on these milkout parameters.  Click Here

Tags: Cow Performance, Milk Output