Managing The 2016 Crop

Managing The 2016 Crop

We have a huge challenge ahead of us. U.S. 2016 production of corn, soybeans, wheat and sorghum hit an all-time record high 22.1 billion bushels, on top of beginning inventories of 2.9 billion bushels. Elevators and farmers alike will be stretched to house this massive stockpile of 25+ billion bushels, which doesn't include other crops such as barley, rye and oats. USDA last showed on-farm plus commercial storage capacity at 24.2B bushels, and although more bins have been built this year, ground piles and other temporary storage will be a common site this fall.

The Western Corn Belt will face bigger space challenges than most areas. Three states (Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa) by themselves face a regional space deficit ofover 900M bushels this harvest, and new-crop bushels will likely arrive faster than usage can free up space. (Production of corn and soybeans is up over 850M bushels in those three states, and Kansas bins were already overflowing with ’16 wheat.) The Central Corn Belt states of Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana also have their challenges: Production of corn and soybeans is up more than 500M bushels this season, and that region should be about 400M bushels space-deficit.

To the East, however, things will be easier: Corn and soybean production will only be up by 56M bushels across Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and that follows short crops in 2015.  To read the full article on the 2016 crop.  Click Here

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