Feeding Dry Cows Just Right

Feeding dry cows the Goldilocks Diet

A good transition diet results in healthy cows, which increases profits. Mistakes in the transition diet affect the bottom line, and diseases during this time can significantly diminish milk output during lactation.

Drackley’s Goldilocks diet has grown in popularity for use during transition. The basic concept of the program is that we don’t want to underfeed dry cows relative to their energy requirement, but we definitely don’t want to overfeed them either.

Advantages of the Goldilocks diet include fewer metabolic issues, lower feed costs and convenience. While Goldilocks is a relatively simple approach for transition feeding, it does require disciplined management to make it work. With good management practices, Goldilocks can be a useful long-term feeding approach for transition cows.

To read the full aticle on the Goldilocks diet and how it can potentially positively impact your herd, click here.

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