Farm Management

The Double Whammy of Raising Too Many Heifers


The high cost of feeding excess heifers and the low price for them at the sale barn is a double hit to the pocket book

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dairy cows and farms are growing.

What Will Dairy Cows and Farms Look Like in 50 Years?


In the future, cows could produce between 37,000 to 78,000 pounds of milk per year. Most projections are indicate an average of 57,500 pounds.

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Veterinary Feed Directive, Farm Management

Managing Your Options in the New World of VFD's


To prepare for the use of Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) medications, it is recommended that producers go through a number of steps such as establishing a vet-client-patient relationship, planning for possible health challenges and making sure your record-keeping system is prepared to track VFDs. However, there may be alternative methods for disease prevention and control that can help minimize the use of medications subject to VFD regulations.

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