Managing Your Options in the New World of VFD's

Veterinary Feed Directive, Farm Management

Here are some management tips for disease prevention and control that can help minimize the use of medications subject to VFD regulations:

  1. Manage for Health - To reduce bacterial challenges, begin with clean facilities.
  2. Manage Rations and Feedstuffs - Ration quality and feedstuffs are key to animal health and performance. The presence of molds, and the mycotoxins they often produce, can inhibit immune function, in addition to many other detrimental effects.
  3. Use Probiotics and Prebiotics - Probiotics, or direct-fed microbials, are live organisms that may improve gut health by competitive inhibition of pathogenic organisms or by producing metabolites which improve the health of the digestive tract. Prebiotics are nonliving substances, usually from microbial or plant sources, which improve the health of the digestive tract through several modes of action.

As you develop new protocols and procedures, work in conjunction with your veterinarian and nutritionist, making sure both are open to all the options available rather than simply writing VFDs. To read the full article on how these management areas could help minimize the use of medications, click here.

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