Cutting Feed Costs Without Compromising Profitability

Cutting Feed Costs Without Compromising Profitability

Controlling cost is critically important, but cutting inputs that are generating a positive return on investment will reduce profits.

Many cost-saving decisions are related to the feeding program. So the real question becomes, "How can farms reduce feed cost without sacrificing production and income over feed cost (IOFC)?"

  1. Focus on Forages - One way to make more milk while lowering feed cost is to focus on forage quality. Improving forage quality can improve IOFC by increasing milk production or decreasing the cost of purchased feed.
  2. Focus on Transition Cows - Transition cow rations are one of the most important rations on the farm, and a failure in the transition cow program has a great impact on dairy farm profitability in the long-run.
  3. Evaluating Feed Additives - Evaluate the anticipated response, economic return, available research and field responses.

Dairy managers should work closely with their nutritionist, to help make decisions related to improving forage quality, reducing forage shrink and investing in transition cows. Be sure to contact your Nobis Agri Science Nutritionist to see how they can increase farm profitability.

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