Tight With The Buck Led To Profit

Nobis Agri Science Tight With The Buck Led To Profit

It is no secret that the milk price cycle repeats itself every number of years. This is something that dairy farms have come to expect and it is becoming more difficult to for the average dairy farm to stay ahead and or still make a profit. But amazingly, there are still farms during high milk prices that either lost money or barely made a profit.  So how could this be?

Dairy farms that can excel at controlling their costs have shown a greater profit per cow. A dairy that maintains a low net cost of production will have the greatest chance at greater profitability. In an industry where dairy farmers have little control of the price of milk is when managing costs becomes an integral part of production, equipment purchase, or facility design.

Regardless of the milk price, dairy producers need to be saving up for future repairs, maintenance, as well as new technologies. To read the full article on how to control costs and maintain a low net cost of production.  Cick Here

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