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Congress Introduces Bill to Address Feed Shortages After Disasters


The legislation provides greater flexibility to farmers and ranchers during this planting season when high levels of prevent plant are happening because of extreme moisture or drought.

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Using Manure Evaluation to Enhance Dairy Cattle Nutrition


Evaluating cows manure can give hints to what is happening during a cows digestive cycle. Nutrients that are not digested will be found in the manure.

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Four Steps to a Higher Fat Test


A cows diet has a large impact on the fat content of milk. “Diet and management risk factors result in a change in rumen microbes that produce fatty acid intermediates.This can account for up to 50% of the reason for the reduction in milk fat."

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5 Alfalfa Factors to Manage


Managing alfalfa is key to ensure the quality and nutritional value is suitable for dairy cows. Here are some tips to help maximize the quality of alfalfa.

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Is Your TMR Getting Weighed Accurately?

Is Your TMR Getting Weighed Accurately?


When it comes to mixer maintenance, the accuracy of the TMR mixer wagon’s load cells is critical but often overlooked. Random checks of load cell accuracy on dairies over the past few years have raised concern about load cell accuracy in mixer wagons.

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The Art of Controlling Feed Costs

The Art of Controlling Feed Costs


To reduce feed costs, farmers need to pay attention to both the cost and the feed value of commodities.

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Managing Feed Inventories

Managing Feed Inventories


Spring and summer growing conditions have ranged widely across the country and, subsequently, so have yields and feed quality. Variations in yields and feeding quality are leading to some challenges in feeds and feeding management. With fall harvest wrapping up or in final stages, now is the time to take inventory of the feeds you have in storage or available for the feeding season.

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Drone Use on Your Farm


Agricultural drone use is a cutting edge technology that can be put to use by the average farmer to increase their profitability and save costs and precious time.


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Cutting Feed Costs Without Compromising Profitability

Cutting Feed Costs Without Compromising Profitability


Dairy farm managers make decisions that impact the profitability of their farm and these decisions have both short-term and long-term impacts. Cutting excess cost can drive efficiency and improve overall profitability.

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Feed Management

11 World Class Feeding Management Goals


We’ve all heard the expression that “cows crave consistency” in order to stay healthy and produce a large amount of milk with good components. We’ve identified 10 + 1 World Class Feed Management Goals that dairies can use to help rank their feeder performance and determine areas that need to be improved. 

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