10 Best Management Practices for Prefresh Feeding Programs

Prefresh feeding programs

Here are some tips for a successful prefresh program that prepares the cow for the sudden, drastic shift from pregnant and non-lactating to lactating.

  1. Provide adequate bunk space.
  2. Allow 21 days on the prefresh diet.
  3. Do not move cows too soon before calving.
  4. Keep cows comfortable.
  5. Cool heat-stressed dry cows.
  6. Keep cows from sorting feed.
  7. Maintain diet palatability.
  8. Avoid fat cows.
  9. Provide proper energy and protein nutrition.
  10. Feed a negative dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD).

Management and feeding of prefresh cows will impact animal performance throughout the upcoming lactation. Dairy operations that ensure these management and diet recommendations are properly implemented in their prefresh programs may experience better health, increased milk production and improved reproductive performance.

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