Does Particle Size and Source of Undigested NDF Matter?

Consult with your Nobis Agri Nutritionist ond NDF Matter

A recent study was conducted in fall of 2016 to try and answer questions regarding the effect undigested NDF matter has on performance and chewing behaviors for lactating dairy cows.

The study formulated three brown midrib (BMR) corn silage-based diets for similar predicted uNDF240om intake (5.11 lb/day and 0.33 % of BW) with varying lengths of straw and source of uNDF240om. The first two diets were identical except the length of the straw (0.82 vs 0.66 physical effectiveness factor; pef) and will be referred to as the long straw and short straw diets. The third diet was comprised primarily of BMR corn silage with 1.2 lbs of long straw and will be referred to as the BMR diet.

These results suggest that when feeding a moderate level of uNDF240om the length of the straw is important for rumen health.

To view the study in a table and to read the results in detail, click here.

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