Feeding Fat: A Complex Subject

Feeding Fat: A Complex Subject

We work to understand the roles various fat components (fatty acids) play in the animal in terms of production (volume and components), health and reproduction.

And while it may not be necessary, let’s remember that fat feeding in the dairy animal is broken into three areas:

  1. Most forages and grains make at least some contribution to the total dietary fat level.
  2. Secondary sources of added fat have been shown by research to further complement this ration requirement. This may include low levels of certain vegetable oils and tallows.
  3. More recent efforts have seen the emergence of feeding rumen-protected fats, particularly palm fat.

Fat feeding to dairy cows is a complex subject, yet research has shown a wide variety of results. Future efforts will likely include feeding of specific fatty acids and a better definition of the responses for production, health and reproduction.

Click here to read the full article. This article will focus on three areas currently of concern to the industry related to feeding fats and fatty acids to the dairy cow.

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