Precision Feeding Liefeline

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Over the past five years more dairy producers have embraced precision feeding. Precision feeding is the one constant that can maintain milk production, control feed costs, and manage forage inventories. All three items are important to maintain a respectable margin so expenses can be paid.

Precision feeding is a result of the farm paying attention to feed management. Lactating cow rations contain high amounts of corn silage with other alternative forage sources such as small grain silage.  By balancing for metabolizable protein, the protein percent of the milk cow ration has been greatly reduced to 16 to 17% on a dry matter basis compared to levels observed in the early 2000s of 18 to 19%. They are also managing how crops are harvested and stored to better match the animal group being fed.

Shrink or feed loss can have huge implications especially when yields have been compromised due to weather conditions. Managing feed out from storage and during feeding can make a difference by several weeks on the amount of forage retained in inventory. Management is the key for keeping dairies in business and precision feeding encompasses many aspects related to cropping and feeding management.

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