Preserving the Benefits of a Good TMR

Preserving the Benefits of a Good TMR

Farmers need to focus on optimising the resources on the farm such as feed, labour and machinery to produce in the most efficient way.

As you take a closer look at feed, you see a growing popularity of Total Mixed Rations (TMR) by large farmers. With TMR the farmer is ensured that cows sustain a high dry matter intake with the perfect mix of nutrients in every bite. TMR is a mix that contains everything that cattle needs.

It is important to be sure that the mix will be fresh over the total feeding period. The freshness also depends on how often you mix a new mix. When you mix a total mixed ration you add oxygen to the feed. The growth of micro-organisms is promoted, which transforms a palatable feed to a less palatable one with reduced consumption and in the end results in less milk or lower daily growth.

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