Forage Quality

Safe, Efficient, and Effective Silage Piles


High-quality forage is the essential foundation upon which every good dairy diet is built. The final step of harvest – and one of the most critical steps – is to effectively cover and seal our bunkers and piles to limit oxygen and protect the forages.

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This Year's Corn Silage Could Dry Down Quick


Michigan and the Great Lakes Region have experienced less drought than the Upper Midwest, but that does not mean we should be sitting on our heels. Make extra efforts this year to optimize the value currently standing in the field.

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Forages can make or break production


Optimal output requires optimal input when it comes to milk production and feeding dairy cows. Well-balanced rations are often what separate the top-producing herds from the rest.

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Forage fiber digestibility drives milk income


Pounds of milkfat and milk protein shipped, also known as milk component yield (MCY), accounts for more than 75% of the milk check. The good news is: Producers can start making changes almost immediately – milk composition is highly influenced by the ration and feeding management. One of the keys to achieving this goal is closely managing neutral detergent fiber digestibility (NDFD) in the ensiled forage base of the ration.

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Forage Quality Drives Milk Production

Forage Quality Drives Milk Production


Forage quality is key to high levels of milk production in these herds that surpass 30,000 lb/milk/cow.

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