Fiber Confusion: Forage Analysis for Producers

Forage analysis for producers

Forage fiber is important to maintain rumen function and health, control rate of feed passage, provide a nutrient source for rumen microbes, result in cud chewing and production of buffers in the saliva, and maintain optimal milk components.

Each fiber value can impact your feeding program and improve correct decisions.

ADF (acid detergent fiber) consists of cellulose and lignin. It is related to forage digestibility and was used earlier to estimate energy values of forage. ADF is not commonly used by some nutritionists.

aNDF is a newer term replacing NDF (neutral detergent fiber), as the forage NDF level is corrected by removing starch by an enzyme treatment. Lower levels of NDF can lead to below-optimal rumen fermentation while high values can limit feed intake.

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