Tips for Keeping Animals Healthy

Management tips for healthy animals

Treating sick animals is not only expensive, it can be very time consuming. Here are some common techniques producers use to keep their animals healthy and avoid having to treat them.

  • Good Nutrition - Livestock producers balance rations in order to insure that their diet is healthy. So why is nutrition so important? Growth rates, reproductive efficiency and especially immune system function all rely on good nutrition for best performance. Good mineral nutrition also boosts an animal’s response to vaccinations, a primary method to protect animals from disease.
  • Well Maintained Facilities - A clean and dry environment with good ventilation keeps animals comfortable and prevents against disease. Cleanliness is key.
  • Vaccinations - Livestock producers carefully choose vaccination products to best meet the needs of their individual operation. Simple procedures producers follow include proper storage temperature, vaccinating clean and dry animals, injecting with clean needles and injecting with the correct method.
  • Biosecurity - Producers take steps to prevent outside diseases from entering their herd.

Prevention programs are not fool proof: however, the goal is to minimize the risk of animals getting sick so that the need for treatment is less likely.

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