Heat Stress

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Heat Stress - What's the Hype?


Heat stress costs the dairy industry over $897 million annually in losses attributed to decreased performance, increased mortality, and decreased reproduction (St. Pierre et al., 2003).

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What Happened to Your Herd Last Summer?


If there was a way to review your dairy’s results last summer and then make proactive changes to your heat abatement program before the dog days of summer arrive, would you do it?

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Are your cows as cool as you think they are?

Are your cows as cool as you think they are?


Heat stress and the problems associated with it can be costly to your dairy operation. Not only are there losses in milk production, but studies are also linking heat stress to lower reproduction rates, changes in dry matter and water intake as well as increased rates of lameness.

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5 Tips to Help Calves Beat Summer Heat

5 Tips to Help Calves Beat Summer Heat


As temperatures rise, watch calves closely for early signs of dehydration. By providing calves with a proper environment and good management, dairy producers can help reduce harm to their calves resulting from heat stress.

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Using Rumination Sensors to Monitor Heat Stress


Temperature Humidity Index (THI) combines air temperature and relative humidity to calculate an index value to better represent the environmental conditions a cow or other animal feels. Dairy cows begin to experience heat stress when THI exceeds 68.

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