Heat Stress Management

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Heat Stress - What's the Hype?


Heat stress costs the dairy industry over $897 million annually in losses attributed to decreased performance, increased mortality, and decreased reproduction (St. Pierre et al., 2003).

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Six Ways To Manage Heat Stress


Calf hutches offer many advantages for raising preweaned dairy calves, but unfortunately they lack the climate-control features possible in larger barns. In the heat of summer, that can result in a greater likelihood of calves experiencing heat stress.

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How to Reduce Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle


Heat stress is one of the leading causes of decreased production and fertility in dairy cattle during summer months. . Some heat stress is unavoidable, but effects can be minimized if certain management practices are followed.

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Watch High-Performing Cows for Early Signs of Heat Stress


Losses from heat stress can start when the Temperature-Humidity Index (THI) is above 68 for a majority of the day. THI can be used to quantify the risk, and ultimately the production losses, associated with heat-stressed dairy cows.

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