10 Must-Dos for Transition Cows

10 Must-Dos for Transition Cows

The goals should be to optimize milk production, maintain or minimize the loss of body condition score, metabolic disease and immunocompetence, control days to first ovulation and birth healthy calves.

To achieve these goals, here is a top 10 list of feeding and management strategies:

  1. Manage macromineral/DCAD of dry cows, especially in the last two to three weeks before calving.
  2. Control energy intake in both far-off and close-up diets.
  3. Supply enough metabolizable protein before calving.
  4. Get the feeding management right—every day.
  5. Provide clean, comfortable housing and fresh water.
  6. Manage social interactions and group hierarchy.
  7. Manage heat stress.
  8. Offer high quality forage and fermentable diets to fresh cows.
  9. Strategically use feed additives and specific nutrients.
  10. Implement cow- and herd-level monitoring programs.

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