Maintain Your TMR Mixer

Maintain Your TMR Mixer

Mixer maintenance, beyond greasing, is often overlooked but Mike Everson, a field support representative with Kuhn North America says taking the time to do it is crucial.

“We like to take care of our cattle, mixers need to be maintained on a weekly and monthly basis also,” he says. “We look at the outside on a daily basis but very seldom do farmers look inside.”

 Everson recommends farmers take a look inside their mixer at the knives, scrapers and shoes every 90 days. Knives should be sharp. If your mixer wagon’s knifes are beginning to look like butter knives, it’s time to replace them.

“Sometimes a small investment in new knives or scrapers can make a world of difference,” he says.

Also look at the “shoe” at the base of the auger. According to Everson, this is a very inexpensive part, but one that is worn is often the cause of poor mix quality.

“The shoe is the lifeblood of a vertical mixer,” he says.

Everson’s biggest advice? Dig your operating manual, see what the manufacturer recommended for maintenance intervals and then actually follow their guide.

“Maintaining your mixer will insure good mixing quality for the lifetime of the mixer,” he says.

For more on mixer maintenance, click here to watch the video.

Article out of Dairy Herd Management, October 2017

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