You Get the Team You Build

You Get the Team You Build

Good dairy managers understand that the success of any dairy largely depends on successful employees. Taking care of cows is important, but taking care of the people who take care of the cows is paramount.  But how to managers put in the time and effort into employee management?

Once you hire someone, how you train, monitor, motivate, discipline and reward is on you. And the only person who can take control of the culture on your dairy is you. There are five key steps to employee engagement:

  1. Clarify - Employees must understand what you need them to do. Put expectations in writing so they are clear.
  2. Communicate - Tell employees why it must be done in a certain way. If you don’t consistently communicate expectations, employees soon figure out what is acceptable, even if it’s not at the higher level of expectation.
  3. Connect - If you expect employees to care about your cows and your dairy, you need to connect with them on a personal basis. Show them you appreciate and respect them on a daily basis.
  4. Manage - Pay attention. Know the protocols you expect employees to follow. And follow through. Left undisciplined, the bad practice will quickly become habit and routine. 
  5. Recognize - If you treat everyone the same, your best performing employees will likely leave and you will be left with average and sub-par performers. Employees who put in extra deserve extra recognition.


Article is from Dairy Herd Management, June 2017.

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