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Adjust Diet to Capitalize on Milk Component Price Changes


Although yield of milk fat is more responsive to diet changes, nutrition can also influence milk protein yield. Producers should consider altering diets to take advantage of changes in the relative value of milk fat to milk protein.

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Will Higher Feed Prices Mean Higher Milk Prices?

Will Higher Feed Prices Mean Higher Milk Prices?


Markets always have a tendency to fall faster than they increase. That was very evident again recently as Class III futures plummeted over a three-day period. Another aspect of the market that has really moved to the forefront is the concern over high feed prices and what the impact will have on milk production. 

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Are you leaving money on the table?

Are you leaving money on the table?


When profit margins shrink due to lower milk prices and/or higher input costs, dairy owners may consider changing their feeding and management practices. Based on the economic challenges of 2007 and 2013, factors that can "build the milk check" are outline in this article with guidelines and economic impacts.

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Milkfat driving milk check revenue

Milkfat is Driving Milk Check Revenue


The United States, and most of the world for that matter, is recovering from over a half-century of misguided advice about dietary consumption of fat. This revelation is transforming the dairy industry. With newfound consumer interest in higher fat dairy foods, butter has shifted to contributing north of 50 percent to the All-Milk price.

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