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First Ever Licensed Vaccine for Klebsiella Mastitis in Dairy Cattle


Dairy producers and veterinarians now have another tool in the prevention and reduction in antibiotic use with the debut of the first vaccine licensed for dairy cattle to prevent mastitis caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae. AgriLabs announced on July 23 that KLEBVax SRP was now available on the market.

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Dairy Cows Need Lots of Water to Produce Milk

Dairy Cows Need Lots of Water to Produce Milk


Dairy cows require large quantities of water to produce milk. Therefore, it is important for dairy producers to provide plenty of water within a convenient location to keep their herd well hydrated.


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Milk Fat Adds $2.2 Billion to Farmers' Milk Checks

Milk Fat Adds $2.2 Billion to Farmers' Milk Checks


An analysis of recent trends in dairy consumption suggests increased use of butter and other higher-fat dairy products has added $2.2 billion to dairy farmers’ milk checks, say officials with Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF).

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Make Every Bite Count

Make Every Bite Count


The most profitable dairies all have one thing in common – they are really good at getting milk components from cows. They recognize the real value of milk lies in the fat and protein components and to get the best return on investment, they focus on feeding their cows for the most efficient component production, not just the highest milk production.

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Forage Quality Drives Milk Production

Forage Quality Drives Milk Production


Forage quality is key to high levels of milk production in these herds that surpass 30,000 lb/milk/cow.

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See how Nobis Agri's Nutritionists can troubleshooting low milk production.

Troubleshooting Low Milk Production


When troubleshooting “nutrition” problems many people start with the paper ration. However, in reality the problem many times is in the implementation. This is where science and art come into play.

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Udder prep for milking efficiency

Milking the Most Out of Udder Prep


Are you milking your cows efficiently while optimizing milk yield and milk quality? The goal in any milking routine is to synchronize timing between milk letdown and unit attachment.

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