Milking the Most Out of Udder Prep

Udder prep for milking efficiency

In order to optimize milking efficiency, it is important to understand the physiology of milk letdown. Milk is stored as two different fractions in the udder. It is the movement of milk between these two spaces that allows for continuous milk flow.

Timing is also very important for milking efficiency. If timing from initial teat prep to unit attachment (prep-lag time) does not coincide with oxytocin release and milk letdown, there will be a temporary cessation in milk flow, called bimodal letdown. Also,h ealthy teat ends are essential as they form the primary barrier to mastitis pathogens in the cows’ environment.

Therefore, to achieve good milk letdowns and reduce overmilking, your milking procedure should include:

  1. Adequate stimulation time (minimum of 15 seconds).
  2. Proper prep-lag time (with a goal of 60 to 90 seconds).

In conclusion, periodic evaluation of your milking routine will benefit both you and your cows. A proper milking routine can reduce unit-on times, optimize milk harvesting and improve udder health in your herd. To read the full article on how to help optimize milking efficiency, click here.

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