Milk Protein

Adjust Diet to Capitalize on Milk Component Price Changes


Although yield of milk fat is more responsive to diet changes, nutrition can also influence milk protein yield. Producers should consider altering diets to take advantage of changes in the relative value of milk fat to milk protein.

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Seasonal Effects on Milk Components


There is a common business adage that “what gets measured gets managed.” One data point we’re focused on each spring is what to do about decreases in milk component percentages as the days get longer and hotter.

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the reason behind soaring component levels

The Reason Behind Soaring Component Levels


Over the past two months, a number of consultants asked why some of their Holstein herds’ milkfat and protein concentrations are well above historic levels. These herds are located from Michigan to New York and have produced historic butterfat and protein levels, without sacrificing overall milk production.

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