Use Protocols and Metrics for Milk Quality Success

Producing quality milk starts by making sure that parlor protocols are in place.

Metrics that focus on milk quality outcomes are one way to identify if proper procedures are being followed. Understanding outcomes such as new infection rate, chronic infection rate, first test linear scores, dry cow cure rates and relapse rates indicate how well procedures are being followed in the parlor and in the barn. If any of these indicators are trending lower, he says it’s time to look at procedural drift.

Start with employee training. Make sure standard operating procedures and protocols exist, then make sure they are explained well. Have a minimum of quarterly meetings to disucss these protocols and what is expected out of an employee who works in the parlor. Be sure that your managers have visable role in the parlor. It shows they are as dedicated as to what goes on in the parlor.

Milk quality is not only won in the parlor but in others areas on the operation: bedding dry matter and hygiene scores.

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