Celebrating 40 Years of Making Cows Happy

Celebrating 40 years of making cows happy.

This year, Nobis Agri Science is celebrating 40 years in business: four decades of progressive animal nutrition, first-class customer service and commitment to the dairy industry.  The company has grown from the passion of founder/President, Terry Nobis, to the Midwest’s leader in ruminant nutrition with a staff of 20 and the continued vision to feed smarter.

Founded in 1978, Nobis Agri Science continues to be a family-owned company that focuses on ruminant nutrition, custom feed manufacturing and overall herd health and performance. Over the years, Nobis Agri Science has built its reputation on our ability to provide progressive strategies that are tailored to our customers - and their herds’- individual needs.

To celebrate, Nobis Agri Science invited employees, customers, friends, and business partners out to the company’s main facility for an open house. “It gives me great pride in joining Nobis Agri Science employees, customers and business partners in celebrating the company's 40th anniversary. We have come a long way since the business was started in 1978 and are very excited about our future as the company and our customers continue to thrive in these difficult economic times," said Nobis when discussing the celebration.

Nobis Agri Science readied itself for growth by providing their customers with unmatched customer service and progressive nutrition in the industry. “We do what is right for our customers and are committed to their success. Because if our customers are successful then we, Nobis Agri Science, will be successful,” described Vice-President, Ben Nobis. 

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