The Ups And Downs Of Silage Digestability

Nobis Agri Science Newsletter

If you have an operation where you have silage carryover from one crop to the next, then when making these transitions, it’s important to keep a close eye on starch content and digestibility.  During the course of corn silage storage, the total amount of starch in the pile will not change much. What does change, however, is the digestibility of the starch.
The best tool to help measure changes is a starch digestibility test. This test tells you how much starch will be available in the cow’s rumen from the corn silage before incorporating it into a ration. Knowing the starch digestibility is vital to avoid underfeeding or overfeeding starch. What is most important is that the results are accurate, quick and you can easily apply them in ration formulation.
Being able to measure the starch and fiber digestibility of ensiled corn silage in a ration will help reduce unwanted effects of a starch overload such as reduced intake and milk production, especially when summer comes around again. With these measurements, you’ll be more able to monitor and control their effects.  To read the full article on starch digestibility and the economics for your herd and market.  Click Here

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