What is Nobis Agri Science’s ingredient quality control program and how does it separate them from other feed manufacturers?

Quality is one of Nobis Agri Science's top priorities. We want only the best ingredients for our customers. We have a stringent Quality Control program in place.

The Nobis Agri Science Quality Control Program includes the following measures:

  • Each batch from every formula produced is sampled and retained for 1 year.
  • The actual amount for each ingredient included in each batch from every formula produced is retained electronically for 5 years.
  • Ingredients are assayed to ensure guaranteed minimums are met and nutritional specifications are in line with expectations.
  • We purchase ingredients only from vendors who strictly comply with FDA regulations.
  • All scales are calibrated in accordance with Michigan law each quarter.
  • Our mixer is validated annually to ensure thorough mixing.
  • We have a Quality Management System in place with our employees including standard operating procedures covering all aspects of quality control and material handling.  We have quality control meetings periodically and emphasize daily.  If there is any question regarding an ingredient or a formula our policy is to hold the process until there is a safe resolution.

Bottom line is we cover all aspects of ingredients and production to ensure that you do not need to worry about the quality or accuracy of your mixes.

We exercise a great deal of effort to purchase the highest quality ingredients at the fairest prices possible for our customers.  We go to great lengths to ensure these ingredients are consistent with meeting our high standards.  Our customers have grown to rely and appreciate our high quality products and is a value which we strive to continue to do in everything that we do at Nobis Agri Science.