How do I order?

Nobis Agri Science utilizes a server based calendar that tracks your dairy's cow numbers, feeding rates, and normal order amounts. With this information we are able to "automatically" schedule your feed delivery allowing us to maximize efficiency of feed mill operations and freight scheduling – all resulting in lower costs for you. In addition to these cost savings, we provide an additional "early order" discount when you agree to be on this program. Don't worry – the delivery schedule can be changed at any time through a talk with the feed delivery driver or a text, email or phone call to Nobis Agri Science.

We also provide a monthly delivery services of products packaged in 50 lbs. bags and 2,000 lbs. totes. These are scheduled to deliver monthly to your dairy and dairies in your area to minimize freight costs – saving you money. You are reminded of this delivery one week prior with a postcard reminder in the mail.