Animal nutrition consulting

A healthy herd is an essential ingredient in every farm's success.

The animal nutritionists at Nobis Agri Science are committed to working closely with producers to find new, progressive ways to enhance herd health and performance. With the goal of improving income over feed costs and overall better production on your operation, our nutritionists will work with you to discover beneficial custom feeds that deliver the nutrients that your herd needs to remain healthy and productive. With a range of ingredients – sourced from all over the world – that are aimed at ensuring quality nutrition, our experienced team can quickly and effectively formulate balanced ration that focuses specifically on your herd’s needs. Our nutrition team will discuss with you to understand the goals your organization has set for your herd and your people. We believe a nutrition program should improve the profitability of the producer in a sustainable manner. Our nutritional program is designed on the principles of healthy animals and optimizing digestive function. Our team will work with your team to utilize your feedstuffs and maximize your operation's efficiencies and profitability. It is important to work with a nutrition team that understands every operation is different and each herd has its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. Our nutritionists pride themselves on their ability to listen to the needs of our clients and formulate a nutrition program that is customized for them. Furthermore, Nobis Agri Science is independent of any ingredient supplier - by doing so we can offer truly unbiased recommendations.

Value Added Services

  • "Nobis Milk Notes” simple and easy spreadsheet used for tracking performance with detailed notes on changes.
  • Automatic ordering process that is based upon the number of cows and feeding rates. These orders are tracked with a cloud based calendar.
  • Commodity feed ingredients broker with the lowest margin in the industry.
  • Our alternating weekly visit schedule with the primary nutritionist visits every other week and secondary nutritionist visits the opposite weeks. Continuous review and monitoring with a second set of eyes.
  • Access to the best experts in the field. We work with the largest ingredient suppliers in the world. We have access to their people and resources to help provide solutions for your operation.
  • Time lapse recording of groups of cows. This allows condensed review over a period of time of cow behavior, feeder practices and various other activity.
  • We monitor blood BHBa levels in fresh cows and NEFA levels in close up cows. 
  • Drone surveying will allow our nutritionists to better manage inventory and feed out rates. Drone surveying offers accuracy of around 1% of traditional surveying.

Nobis Agri Science Herd Consulting

Nobis Agri Science Herd Consulting

Nobis Agri nutritionists work very closely with dairy producers to ensure an effective nutrition program.