Industry experts encourage dairy farmers to invest in manure business

Those in the compressed natural gas industry encouraged dairy farmers Thursday to consider investing in the manure business.

Chief financial officer of Pagel Family Businesses Brian Dolski said during a virtual panel discussion at the Dairy Business Association’s Dairy Strong conference Jan. 20 that farmers could receive a potential of $1,200 per cow per year if they install a digester. He also noted that while much of the compressed natural gas industry is in California, that shouldn’t stop Wisconsinites.

“There is plenty of room in the industry to support projects from Wisconsin dairy farms,” Dolski said.

Josh Meissner, co-owner of Norm-E-Lane Farm in Chili, added a digester to his farm in 2007.

“After doing the math of the digester install, we were at net zero,” Meissner said. “Then we added in the value of the bedding that came from it and saw a benefit of $250,000 per year.”

According to a news release, the compressed natural gas market is becoming moore common in the Midwest.


By Juliana Tornabene, JAN 2021

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