Our Data Driven Solutions to Optimize Herd Performance.


Numbers don’t lie. Your data on the farm, along with our industry benchmarks help us identify current strengths, areas for improvement, and opportunities. Nobis Agri Science has experienced nutritionists who are dedicated to improving the health and productivity of your herd while also making sure your operation remains profitable. Tracking consists of:

• KPI tracking
• On farm software optimization and training
• Mixer and TMR (Total Mix Ration) Audits
• Feed and commodity inventory trends

Critical Data Points

Data is gathered from a variety of sources. Collectively, this data gives us a picture of the needs of the herd. We are proud of the resources developed to serve you including:

• The industry’s most thorough forage sampling and analysis
• Labs that are well-trained in traditional chemistry and complex scientific techniques
• Hands-on nutritionists walk barns, check rations, and problem solve with your team
• Skilled nutritionists monitor blood BHBa levels in fresh cows and NEFA levels in close-up cows
• Nobis Notes is used for simple and easy tracking of your herd data and performance

Data Driven

Your data, including your feed and herd records are used to make recommendations that are custom to your herd. Then we track that data before, during and after the ration changes to see the effect.

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