Optimizing Your Herd’s Health and Performance Through Our Customize Nutrition Approach.


Effective feed solutions are what you need for a healthy and productive herd. At Nobis Agri Science, we don’t provide one-size-fits-all solutions. Your farm team works with our consultants to design a solution specific to your needs, with a focus on balancing performance with herd profitability. The benefits of working with Nobis Agri Science for your herd’s feed include:

• Expert nutrition consulting team on your farm
• Holistic approach to dairy consulting
• Quality custom feed ingredients sourced direct from all over the world
• Formulated balanced ration focusing on your herd’s needs

Expert Team

There are a variety of factors that nutritionists take into account to formulate your product. The demographics of the cow herd as well as the environmental conditions are considered when making changes to formulations. When you work with Nobis Agri Science, you get a team of experts, from production and customer service to on farm consultants.

Quality Custom Feed

Bad ingredients in, bad results out. When it comes to feed, your products are sourced from some of the top dairy feed ingredient suppliers in the world. Vendor selection is a rigorous process. We don’t just take their word for it, we research vendors to ensure they meet the quality you are used to receiving. Owning our own mill gives us more flexibility and customization of our products, and ultimately more accurate, timely, high-quality feed.

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