Founded in 1978, Nobis Agri Science Focuses on Ruminant Nutrition, Custom Feed Manufacturing, and Overall Herd Health and Performance.

Happy, Healthy Cows. It's What We Do.

Terry Nobis founded Nobis Agri Science in 1978. He got his start working on the family farm. He also gained knowledge working at a grain mill, where he began to see the connection between the feed and dairy farm success. He launched the business with this practical know how, his passion for herd production, and his pickup truck.

On the family farm, Terry experimented with feed and cow conditions and then observed the effect on herd performance. He began to really understand the connection between what dairy producers need and want, and he wanted to share this with others. Terry also had a passion for talking business with dairy farmers. From his humble beginnings, he began to grow and expand the business, purchasing a production facility in 1986 and adding to his ruminant nutrition team in 1999.

Expansion & Legacy

In 2000, Terry built his headquarters to house his support team. In the early days, it was Terry and one office team member, but as the business grew, like any small business, it needed to add support to serve the customers.

Business was not just in Terry’s blood, but it was also cultivated in his son Ben who joined Nobis Agri Science in 2004 as C.O.O. Ben had a successful career as a C.P.A., and he was able to bring his financial expertise to the business, adding commodity price forecasting, research analysis, and procurement/risk management strategies.

Terry and Ben continued to grow and expand the business with the addition of other key talent with both the ruminant nutritionists in the field and the production and support staff at the home base. The business will continue to grow and evolve with the needs of the dairy producers.

Nobis Agri Value Focused

Values Focused

The business has grown, but one thing that hasn’t changed are the values. Nobis Agri Science is an independent, family-owned business that is customer focused. As noted by Terry, “When you partner with the dairy producer and focus on serving them and their herd, bringing practical, innovative solutions, then our mission is served. The result will be Happy Cows and successful dairies.” With each new hire, Nobis Agri Science focuses on the commitment to you, the dairy producer, and your herd.

Happy Cows

The Nobis Agri Science team continues the family legacy by keeping the entrepreneurial spirit at the forefront and focusing on producer success. The team continues to expand and take a Full Farm Support approach. As Ben notes “It is all interconnected. On the dairy farm, the team, the feed, the processes and decisions that are made, all flow up to the end result for the producer. That is what we care about – serving the producer, the cows, and supporting these family-owned businesses.”

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