Our Approach

Nobis Agri Science has the winning formula to keep your business healthy.  Our approach consists of expert nutritionists, high quality, research backed products, and comprehensive business support for your success.

With 40 plus years in business, Nobis Agri Science has built a reputation for upholding the highest standards of quality and integrity. The health and performance of your business is our number one priority.  Each operation is unique, and that is why we develop custom solutions to fit your business.

With Nobis Agri Science, you can count on a full farm approach to deliver a high performing herd and a profitable business!  Nobis Agri Science works with you, invests in your success, and offers you the team and tools to maintain a happy, healthy herd!


Optimizing your herd’s health and performance.
Your Nobis Agri Science Nutritionist can design a program to help you maximize performance and ensure your herd is receiving sufficient and necessary nutrients.


Data driven solutions.
By studying your herd records, KPIs, and completing ration evaluations, our nutritionists can present opportunities to improve the health and performance of your herd.


Improving the bottom line.
Every decision made comes out in the bottom line. Our team brings tools and resources to help you buy right, control costs, benchmark, and monitor trends to improve profitability.

People Focus

Supporting you and your team.
Working closely with you and your team, we take a full farm approach. We get a full understanding of your goals and support you in your path to success.

About Nobis Agri Science

Nobis Agri Science was born out of the experience and passion of its founder, Terry Nobis, who started on the family dairy farm. The business grew with the addition of his son, Ben Nobis, who brought critical business and accounting expertise to complement the team. Ben and Terry, along with an impressive team of ruminant nutritionists, feed production associates, and customer service, have built the business to be an award winning, market leader in the Midwest.

The business has grown, but the values have remained consistent – bringing innovative, progressive solutions to the dairy customers, focused on the success of the dairy business owner.

Testimonials from happy customers and happy cows!

"“You can buy commodities and feed anywhere, but for our organization, we look for service. That is what brought us to Nobis Agri Science. They have fed a lot of cows for a lot of years. Reliability. Dependability. Service... It’s all there.”"

Double Eagle Dairy, Inc. ~ John Weller

"“They answer the call every day, 7 days a week. The nutritionists they have on staff, in my opinion, are the best in the business.”"

Prairie View Dairy ~ John Vander Dussen

"What I really like most about Nobis Agri Science is that it is an open corporation who is looking out for our farms, provides our farms with various services and they get involved to help our farms succeed."

VDS Farms ~ Farm Manager

Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest News from Nobis Agri Science

Nobis Agri Science is constantly looking to improve our products and services while also keeping costs as low as possible for our client base. We also strive to keep our clients informed about the latest news from the dairy industry. You can check here periodically to read the latest news and articles we have found helpful in our endeavors.


Managing Producer Expectations: Seasonal Effects on Milk Components

There is a common business adage that “what gets measured gets managed.” Every day, our nutritionists are digging into your data to identify optimal solutions for your herd. One data point we’re asked about each spring is what to do about decreases in milk component percentages as the days get longer and hotter.

Nobis Agri Science Summer Heat Tips

The primary reason cows decrease milk production during hot weather is that the cows eat less. Since cows will be consuming less as temperatures increase, increasing the energy density of the diet can in part compensate for the decrease in dry matter intake. We at Nobis Agri Science (NAS) have a strategy to have “HEAT…

Effective Employee Management

The average number of dairy cows per farm continues to increase. Ironically, as dairy profit margins become tighter, many farms add cows and production to generate minimum levels of income needed to stay in business. As cow numbers increase, so do labor needs and as a result, most dairy farm owners find themselves in the…

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