Josh Martin Assistant Production Manager

Josh Martin

Position: Assistant Production Manager

Josh is new to the Nobis Agri Science family and new to the feed industry, but he brings an attitude, skill set, work ethic, knowledge and experience that makes us very excited for him to join the team.

Josh has a diverse background in Production Management, in a variety of manufacturing industries ranging from large-scale bulk extraction and distillation in Los Angeles, to fermentation and granulation of locally-made organically-certified fungicides and insecticides.

Josh is passionate about learning new equipment and processes, and puts his family, staff, company and customers first.

He graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor’s in Art in 2013 and views a successful team as a work of art.

In his free time, Josh enjoys photography, animals, camping and hiking, kayaking, beach days, and just about anything outdoors. …And of course, a good BBQ.

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