What We do?

For 4 decades, Nobis Agri Science Inc. has provided first class customer service, high quality products and innovative solutions to dairy farms. Nobis Agri's nutritional staff has extensive experience in ruminant nutrition, serving the states of Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. 

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Nobis Agri serves the dairy industry by providing:

  • Support system for ration evaluation and troubleshooting herd problems and opportunities.
  • Conduit of information - worldwide research updates and literature reviews.
  • Quick "1(800) 491-COWS" response system to field questions as they arise.
  • Commodity feedstuffs purchasing coordination and assistance.
  • Forage sampling and laboratory review.
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Welcome to nobis agri SCIENCE, INC.

Nobis Agri Science

Founded in 1978, Nobis Agri's ruminant nutritionists work closely with dairy producers to ensure that their nutritional programs are properly designed to fit their specific needs.

Our mission is to bring new ideas and follow through with the service and expertise needed to reach the success demanded by our customers and ourselves. We never compromise product quality, product safety, product performance or our company integrity. Our business philosophy always puts the customer first, and we take great pride in our ability to react quickly and professionally to the changing requirements of our customers and the market.


Theo & Annmiek Poelma, Highland Dairy LLC

"We enjoy working with Nobis Agri because of the great service, the on-time feed delivery and it's a pleasure to work with our nutritionist in person."


Nobis Agri Science operates in a "state-of-the-art" feed production facility. The feed production facility utilizes innovative batching and mixing technology to precisely weigh and mix formulas. The efficiency and accuracy of the system allows us to manufacture feed economically and precise for our customers. 


We have a stringent Quality Control program in place. All ingredients used in formulas are subject to scheduled testing to ensure the ingredients meet the nutritional specifications guaranteed. All finished mixes are sampled and retained in archives. We exercise a great deal of effort to purchase the highest quality ingredients at the fairest prices possible for our customers. We go to great lengths to ensure these ingredients are meeting our high standards.


In addition to our bulk feed products, we have a bagging and toting assembly line in place at our production facility. We stock mineral formulas under the Nobis Agri brand such as Dry Cow, Heifer, Feedlot, Fresh Cow, and Closeup among others. We also formulate, produce and bag/tote custom formulas.