The latest news from Nobis Agri Science

The latest news from Nobis Agri Science

Nobis Agri Science is dedicated to providing the best, most progressive services in the agricultural industry. From dairy cow feed manufacturing and ruminant nutrition to nutritional consulting and forage sampling, our team seeks to expand their knowledge through continuous learning and ongoing training. To learn more about our team, our mission and our pursuit to provide the industry's best bulk cow feed, view our news articles below.

Protein and Amino Acid Nutrition of Fresh Cows


Every day we hear about exciting advances in the area of fresh cow nutrition and how we can prepare the cow for a productive lactation - here is one update.

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Christmas Cow

Year End Greetings


At Nobis Agri Science we all try out best day in and day out to serve you with the excellence you require. Knowing how hard you all work inspires us all to raise our performance in every aspect of our daily work. We value the trust you enlist in us and we will never compromise our integrity. We accept the challenges we still face as we head into 2021 and we are ready to work alongside you.

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Winter Calf Feeding and Management


As the temperature drops we all change our habits to regulate body temperature. We put on a thicker jacket and a stocking cap, the growing heifers grow more hair, and the lactating cows get the curtains in their barns lowered. But small calves cannot thermoregulate well, and we need to adjust management to help them remain productive during the winter.

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Get What You Pay For


Feed prices have escalated over the last year. This is enough of a problem, but what if you aren’t getting the quality – or even the feed ingredients – that you are paying for? Here are some simple guidelines to ensure you are receiving the ingredients that you paid for.

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Research Finds Value in Fatty Acid Supplementation for Fresh Cows


Fat is an integral part of the fresh cow’s ration. Current research is giving exciting and promising science about the true impact of these powerful little molecules and how we can best utilize them in dairy cow diets.

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Do You Know Your Costs to Grow Feed?


Feed costs tend to the be the largest expense on a dairy operation and managing those costs contributes to a dairy's ability to be profitable.

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Getting Serious About Feed Software


There is opportunity on your dairy. Do you know where to find it? For a 1000 cow dairy, a couple million dollars of feed passes through its algorithms every year. It’s the feed software program that sometimes only the feeder and nutritionist know about. 

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Are the Most Efficient Herds the Most Profitable?


As the dairy industry continues to consolidate, there is growing pressure on individual farms to increase profitability, find marginal returns, and improve management. In the process of fine tuning diets, many nutritionists rely on efficiency calculations to make decisions. While these calculations are useful, they do not consider two important economic concepts: marginal returns and the law of diminishing returns.

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Beat the heat: Heat stress in dairy cows

Beat the heat: Heat stress in dairy cows


From parlors and pens to fields and farms, heat stress is a major challenge for cattle and the people who work with them. This stress tends to be exacerbated when we see high temperatures dragging on for upwards of five consecutive months.

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