The latest news from Nobis Agri Science

The latest news from Nobis Agri Science

Nobis Agri Science is dedicated to providing the best, most progressive services in the agricultural industry. From dairy cow feed manufacturing and ruminant nutrition to nutritional consulting and forage sampling, our team seeks to expand their knowledge through continuous learning and ongoing training. To learn more about our team, our mission and our pursuit to provide the industry's best bulk cow feed, view our news articles below.

Feed Management

11 World Class Feeding Management Goals


We’ve all heard the expression that “cows crave consistency” in order to stay healthy and produce a large amount of milk with good components. We’ve identified 10 + 1 World Class Feed Management Goals that dairies can use to help rank their feeder performance and determine areas that need to be improved. 

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Dairy farm

Consider a Timely Financial Tune-Up For Your Operation


The dairy industry has experienced and become more accustomed to volatility throughout the last decade. Dairy owners went from experiencing the lowest milk prices in history in 2009 to the highest milk prices in history in 2014.

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VFD rules regarding recordkeeping

VFD Record Keeping Requirements


The new Veterinary Feed Directive, which went into effect January 1, has its own rules regarding recordkeeping for veterinarians, farmers and feed companies.

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Forage analysis for producers

Fiber Confusion: Forage Analysis for Producers


Fiber continues to be a key nutrient in the dairy rations of high-producing cows. Forages are the main source of fiber that may be raised on the dairy farm. But quality can vary greatly from crop to crop and year to year.

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Early Spring Thoughts


Though it may not feel like it, the first day of spring is March 20. In the spring, farmer spend their time looking at current forages and soil analyses to see if they may suggest some needed changes.

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Feeding dry cows the Goldilocks Diet

Feeding Dry Cows Just Right


As the cow is moving from one lactation period to the next, the bulk of a successful dry cow diet is roughly 75 percent forage. The goal is to provide enough bulk to fill the rumen without having too much energy content.

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controled energy transition cow diets

Pre-Fresh Diets Revisited


Attention to detail can have big effects in dry cow diets for the transition from the dry pen into early lactation.

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Dry cows eating

Amino Acid Supplementation for Dry Cows


Several factors and new research reports indicate responses to added rumen-protected amino acids may be an economical and effective decision.

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Dairy cow diets with animal protein

The Use and Future of Animal Proteins in Dairy Diets


Animal protein (animal byproduct meals) sources have been used in dairy cattle feeding programs for years. Products such as blood meal, fish meal, meat and bone have long been known for their ability to supply rumen-undegraded protein and, more recently, metabolizable protein and critical amino acids (lysine, methionine).

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When Bad Things Happen to Good Rations


When cows just aren’t performing the way they need to be, the ration often takes the blame. You may have the right ration, but that ration may not be what your cows are consuming.

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