The latest news from Nobis Agri Science

The latest news from Nobis Agri Science

Nobis Agri Science is dedicated to providing the best, most progressive services in the agricultural industry. From dairy cow feed manufacturing and ruminant nutrition to nutritional consulting and forage sampling, our team seeks to expand their knowledge through continuous learning and ongoing training. To learn more about our team, our mission and our pursuit to provide the industry's best bulk cow feed, view our news articles below.

Keeping Aflatoxin Out of Milk

Keeping Aflatoxin Out of Milk


The carryover of aflatoxin M1 into milk is a major concern in dairy production worldwide. Management of the aflatoxin risk should begin with being selective regarding the source and storage of feed that the cows receive.

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A feeding plan that can save you money

A feeding plan that can save you money


There’s a feeding strategy that allows you to put less feed in front of heifers, improve their feed efficiency, reduce nutrient excretion, and save you money.

Tags: Cost Management, Feeding Strategies, Heifer Management

Here's What Dairy Farmers Do To Secure Labor

Here's What Dairy Farmers Do To Secure Labor


Employee turnover rates over the last 12 months ranged from 11 percent to 44 percent for the majority of the 200 dairy farms included in the UW Cooperative Extension and UW Center for Dairy Profitability farm labor survey. The goal of the survey was to gather data about the farm labor market in Wisconsin. In particular, we wanted to learn about turnover rates and the current sources of labor.

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ADSA annual meeting reveals exciting advances in dairy cattle reproduction


More than 1,800 dairy scientists from 48 countries came together to discuss innovative dairy research at the June 2018 American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) annual meeting in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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The Double Whammy of Raising Too Many Heifers


The high cost of feeding excess heifers and the low price for them at the sale barn is a double hit to the pocket book

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Veterinary Feed Directive: A year in review


New Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) regulations were implemented on Jan. 1, 2017, by the FDA and required producers to get authorization from a veterinarian before purchasing and administering antibiotics that can also be used to treat human diseases for livestock.

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'High-yield' farming costs environment less than previously thought


Best way to meet rising food demand while conserving biodiversity is to "wring as much food as sustainably possible" from land that is farmed.

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Drought Increases Aflatoxin Risk


Hot and dry cornfield conditions are breeding grounds for dangerous aspergillus ear and kernel mold that produces aflatoxins. This toxin is a known carcinogen, can harm livestock if fed and can lead to rejection at the elevator if abundant in a load.

Tags: Beef Health, Dairy Cow Diets, Swine Health

The future of your herd will be determined before the calf is born


As a dairy producer, ensuring your calves have the best start to life begins before the calf is born. The care and nutrition you provide the cow while its calf is in utero can set that calf up for life.

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MicroRNAs may predict lifelong cattle health, productivity


Scientists found that microRNA levels in blood could be used to predict future health and productivity of dairy cattle.

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