The latest news from Nobis Agri Science

The latest news from Nobis Agri Science

Nobis Agri Science is dedicated to providing the best, most progressive services in the agricultural industry. From dairy cow feed manufacturing and ruminant nutrition to nutritional consulting and forage sampling, our team seeks to expand their knowledge through continuous learning and ongoing training. To learn more about our team, our mission and our pursuit to provide the industry's best bulk cow feed, view our news articles below.

First Ever Licensed Vaccine for Klebsiella Mastitis in Dairy Cattle


Dairy producers and veterinarians now have another tool in the prevention and reduction in antibiotic use with the debut of the first vaccine licensed for dairy cattle to prevent mastitis caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae. AgriLabs announced on July 23 that KLEBVax SRP was now available on the market.

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Beware of Salt Poisoning in Dairy Calves


The health and productivity of young calves can be affected by a wide range of metabolic and pathogenic conditions. Among the maladies that can profoundly affect calves’ health is their intake and balance of sodium. ( Maureen Hanson )

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Milk enhancment tools to drive precise calf feeding


“We need to make things as simple as possible, but no simpler.” This quote, which is often attributed to Albert Einstein, accurately sums up our quest to deliver optimal nutrition to pre-weaned calves.

Because we replace their mothers, we owe it to young calves to take the best possible care of them. In this “foster parent” role, we are charged with providing precise and ample nutrients just as Mother Nature would.

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A secret to good marketing: How you think


Many of the decisions you make on the farm – and in life – are influenced by what you already know and adjusted by whatever new information you can obtain.

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Fatty acid nutrition: More than bringing added calories into your diet


Often when nutritionists think of fatty acid nutrition, our minds turn to fat supplements. However, the area is much broader than dairy cattle diet fat supplements and should be recognized as such.

Milkfat concentration has now become a focal point for nutritionists and farms, given the value per pound has eclipsed that of protein and, in some months, accounted for well over half the milk check.

The three nutrition management areas within the fatty acid discipline include TMR fat supplements, milkfat depression and now also milk fatty acid profile.

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Effects from Heat Stress Can Stretch into Fall

Effects from Heat Stress Can Stretch into Fall


The effects of heat stress can continue long after cooler weather has arrived — even for cows not in milk. In fact, research has shown that proper cooling in the dry period improved subsequent lactation by up to 16 pounds more milk per day and 20 pounds more 3.5-percent fat-corrected milk (FCM) per day.1

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Recruiting and Retaining Good Employees: Strategies That Work

Recruiting and Retaining Good Employees: Strategies That Work


Let’s face it, finding and retaining good employees is becoming a major hurdle on many dairy farms. The economy is picking up, which leads to more competition for employees. Baby boomers are retiring at a pace faster than new employees entering the workforce, making the labor pool smaller. Many dairy farms are having a harder time finding Latino labor due to their unease with the current political landscape. These factors, among many others, limit a farm’s ability to find good employees.

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Make a Smooth Transition to New Corn Silage

Make a Smooth Transition to New Corn Silage


Opening up new silage is commonly associated with a dip in milk production, but the transition can be smoother — and less costly for producers — with a few easy fixes.

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Be Wary of Cheap Blood Meal

Be Wary of Cheap Blood Meal


Quality can vary widely, even from the same source.

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Forages During Extended Milk Price Woes

Forages During Extended Milk Price Woes


The squeeze on dairy profitability has been getting tighter, and the length of this downturn is exhausting both the financial and emotional state of many farms. “What can I do?” is a common question.

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